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Avoid cavities during the holidays!

star-bucksThis time of year is great to enjoy all the special holiday foods and treats but a few tips can help to prevent a dental emergency or increased risk for cavities.  Moderation is key and of course, always brush/floss or at least rinse/chew sugar-free gum when you can.

“holiday foods and drinks that can damage teeth, including items such as bourbon and coffee, which can dry out the mouth; citrus fruits, which are acidic and can erode enamel; candy canes, which have a high sugar content and can also trigger a dental emergency, such as a broken or chipped tooth; and sticky candy and dried fruit, which can stay on the teeth longer than other types of candy and food”

We want you to have fun and enjoy your holiday but having a dental emergency or a toothache can be a real bummer! Give yourself the gift of awesome oral health đŸ™‚ Feel free to visit Burns Family Dentistry for more information about us and the services we provide. Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!! df