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Do you have calculus? See your Dentist for regular cleanings.

calculusWe all have bacteria in our mouths. It is part of your normal bacterial flora and is supposed to be there. Under normal circumstances and with good hygiene, the bacteria will do no harm. Bacteria adhere almost immediately after cleaning or brushing your teeth and continue to layer upon themselves day after day as plaque. If left undisturbed, the plaque will pick up minerals and proteins from your saliva and calcify or harden into calculus (tartar). In theory, if you brush and floss every surface of every tooth daily you will never get calculus. The reality is a dental hygienist or dentist can see and reach areas of your teeth that you are probably missing. Excess plaque and calculus can cause or contribute to a host of problems from bad breath to various forms of gum disease. Many factors combine to determine how much you will be affected by plaque including genetics, diabetes and diet. Every person is unique and has to be evaluated on an individual basis. To find out if you have calculus and its affects please schedule an appointment at our general dentistry office in Wilmington, NC. There is additional information on our website as well. EB