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Can I have dental treatment while I am breastfeeding?!?

charlieI get this question commonly and it is a great question.

Simple answer is yes. The following are guidelines for mothers who are nursing healthy, full term babies. Babies with health problems may need special considerations and you should ask your dentist before proceeding with treatment.

Numbing agents are safe and do not affect a mother’s milk. Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide are safe. Common oral sedatives used in dentistry have a short half life and are metabolized very quickly out of the bloodstream and Nitrous is insoluble in the blood stream, which means it goes from your brain to your lungs to the room air immediately after you stop breathing it in (within minutes). Dental treatments i.e. fillings, root canals, extractions are all safe while breastfeeding.

X-rays do not affect a mother’s milk. Antiseptic mouthwashes without alcohol are safe with an absorption rate of close to zero.

It is important to remember that dental treatment can be refused if the mother does not feel comfortable and would like to postpone to a later date after breastfeeding or when she can prepare breast milk ahead of time. Just remember not to wait too long so as not to compromise your own dental health. I hope this was helpful and if you have any specific questions contact your dentist or you can visit our office website at Burns Familty Dentistry. Happy Wednesday! 🙂 /CB