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Custom Bite Appliance Saves Teeth

nightguard-clearsplintBruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth that often occurs while a person is sleeping. Symptoms of bruxism include: a tired or sore jaw, difficulty in opening and closing your mouth, sensitive teeth, headaches or earaches, and or pain in the jaw joints, flattened teeth, loss of tooth enamel near the gumline, chipping of edges of teeth, and or loose teeth. A bite appliance is an acrylic guard that is worn at night to eliminate the damaging effects of grinding and clenching and reduce the biting load on the TMJ. Simple impressions are taken and model of your teeth are sent off to a dental lab to make a custom bite appliance.  For tips on keeping your bite appliance clean, ask your dentist or hygienist. Visit Eric and Casey Burns DDS to see any new info regarding the practice. jy