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Dental Care During Pregnancy

pregnantMany women aren’t aware that caring for your teeth during and after pregnancy may be a little different than the normal routine. Women can often experience bleeding or inflammation of the gum tissue during pregnancy (called pregnancy gingivitis), so brushing with a soft bristle tooth brush and flossing regularly is important. Occasionally patients who are expecting may develop temporary tumors in the mouth called Granuloma. This is not a harmful condition and usually resolves on their own. If morning sickness is an issue, use a tooth brush with a smaller head and be sure to rinse thoroughly and often. Avoid sugary snacks, (although the cravings can be tough!)

Routine dental care like cleanings are safe to be done during pregnancy but dentistry using local anesthetics should be done in the second trimester if necessary. Only if a dentist feels it’s imperative would x-rays be taken. Only emergency dental treatment should be considered during the third trimester of pregnancy, regular restorative treatment should wait until after pregnancy.

After the pregnancy x-rays, local anesthetics and nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”) are all safe even when nursing.

Be sure to inform your  dental health care provider if you are pregnant and check if extra cleanings may be in order to remove extra build up that can form or necessary for gum health. Your dentist can also monitor certain conditions that may arise with your dental care during pregnancy and recommend dental products that may be beneficial to you like a fluoride rinse.

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