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Dental myths – fact or fiction?

chocolateDental myths debunked…

Myth #1: Sugar is the main thing that causes cavities

Fact: Well, sugar is not always the main thing that causes tooth decay but yes it is true that the acid produced due to the bacteria in your mouth is due to the cause of cavities, as per the American Dental Association. Any carbohydrate that you eat can start off this same process and this may include sugar and even other foods like potatoes, rice, fruits, bread and vegetables.

Myth #2: White teeth always means healthy teeth

Fact: No, this is not always true. Your teeth may be white as a pearl but that doesn’t show whether or not there’s infection or cavities in between your teeth. Hence pure white teeth, as white as milk can’t be considered equivalent to healthy teeth. People with healthy teeth may have darker teeth color than the other person. With age, the color of teeth changes and this is also true with teeth when they start breaking down.

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