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Why is my dentist concerned about cough drops?

girl-with-fluCold and flu season is here and with that is an increase in the number of people taking cough drops or syrups to treat their symptoms. Did you know many of those remedies are full of sugar? Refined sugars are especially bad for your teeth and the frequency you consme the sugar is as important to your dental health as the total amount of sugar consumed. In general, your teeth can handle five drops in pH per day resulting from the consumption of sugar. Three meals and a couple of snacks later and you are on the borderline of developing decay. Add to that a number of sugary cough drops and you could be setting yourself up for bad news at your next dental exam.

Of course this varies from person to person based on diet, dental hygiene, genetics, etc. To learn about your overall oral health and individual risk for decay please come see us at Eric and Casey Burns DDS for an exam. EB