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Why does my Dentist take X-Rays?

xrayDentists take X-rays to help diagnose problems that could be very difficult to see with only an exam.¬†With the help of x-rays, a patient’s oral health can be quickly assessed to help the patient save money, time and further decay/disease in the future.

X-rays can detect things that a doctor could be unable to see in an oral exam. Some examples are checking for bone loss that could be associated with gum disease or detecting decay when it is hiding in areas between the teeth. They can also help to search for infection at the tip of a root. Unfortunately infections can occur where the tooth meets the bone and if that’s the case, a root canal maybe needed (and then a core buildup and crown in the near future). Life without x-rays would be a potentially painful one. Thanks to this diagnostic tool (and the Drs. who evaluate them) we can live healthier lives (and hopefully as pain free as possible).

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