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Diabetes and Oral Health

nov-national-diab-moNovember is Diabetes awareness month. Diabetes affects your whole body and increases your risk of dental disease. Healthy blood sugar levels will lower the risk of gum disease. Brushing, flossing, routine dental exams/ professional cleanings, controlling your blood sugar and watching your diet are extremely important! Lots of diabetics suffer from lack of saliva causing dry mouth. Saliva is the mouths natural defense against bacteria that cause cavities, it helps neutralize sugar. So, with all the leftover Halloween candy lingering around, best to keep walking past the candy dish. But if you must have a sugary treat, pick the fun size package not the full size then floss/brush your teeth afterwards! Give us a call to schedule your next appointment (910)799-9059 or find us at Burns Family Dentistry!   -klc