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Easy Step to Help Prevent Skin Cancer! Don’t forget the sunscreen!!!

summertime snoopyNow that summer is upon us,  everyone here at Burns Family Dentistry wants to remind you to WEAR your SUNSCREEN!!! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer is the one of the most preventable forms of cancer.  Something so easy we can do to help prevent this is to just wear sunscreen!  Did you know the risk of having melanoma doubles if you have had five or more sunburns at any point in life.  Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the sun is at it’s strongest.  Keep in mind this “shadow rule”: If your shadow is shorter than you are, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation is stronger; if your shadow is longer, UV radiation is less intense.  We need to remember to wear an SPF of at least 15 or higher for day to day, but if your going to be outside for an extended period you should be wearing at least an SPF of 30 or higher. Remember to reapply throughout the day. Moms and Dads, we always make sure our children our slathered up with sunscreen but we tend to forget ourselves. Sunscreen is not just for children! Your need it too! It is important to do self exams, head to toe, at least once a month and to see a physician/dermatologist once a year for skin exams. If you ever see something different or suspicious, please don’t let it go. For more helpful hints please click here.

Take care of yourself and your family this summer!  Your health is important to us! For help with your dental needs or if you have a question about the services we offer, please call our office or visit Burns Family Dentistry. /CB