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Flu Season and Your Teeth

GENcoughsyrup_MainWe are not out of the flu season yet! So while you are laid up recovering from the flu, there are a couple of things to keep in mind for your oral health.

  1. Dry mouth-  Having a stuffy nose leads to mouth breathing. Mouth breathing + low saliva(saliva production normally decreases while you sleep) will put your mouth in a vulnerable situation for harmful bacteria. So stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  2. Side effect of medicines for your teeth- Be careful with cough drops! Use sugar-free cough drops. Cough syrup has alot of sugar in it, rinse your mouth with water after taking a dose.
  3. Keep up your normal oral hygiene routine- Even though you are tired/sick & just laying in bed, don’t skip brushing & flossing 2x a day!

For more information regarding oral health or nutrition visit Burns Family Dentistry.

p.s. did you notice the little kitty in the picture? \klc