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Flu Season

The flu season is not over yet! The CDC has rated this years flu as “widespread” in 49 states. Normally flu season starts mid-winter and ends around early spring.

The flu shot is not 100% effective because the virus is constantly evolving therefore each year the vaccine is an attempt to match possible dominant strains. CDC recommends everybody get the flu shot even though at best it is 60% effective. The flu shot can lessen the severity of your illness or reduce the length of time. The at risk population are children, elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The main flu symptoms are: cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, fever, feeling feverish, chills, muscle/body aches, headaches and fatigue.

Protect your family with healthy habits like frequently washing your hands, covering your mouth when coughing, or sneeze into your elbow. If you do by chance get sick or have the flu, don’t forget to change your toothbrush after  illness has past. Plus avoid contact with others who are sick and stay home if you don’t feel well!  Visit Burns Family Dentistry for more information about our staff and services! klc