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Happy New Year from Drs Eric and Casey Burns and Staff

As the holiday season comes to close, we bid the year adieu and welcome the 2014 with open arms. The Dental Office of Drs. Eric and Casey Burns bring in the new year with a list of resolutions in mind. With new resolutions being made, we were led to urge patients to try and add a dental oriented resolution to their list this year. After all, not only is good oral hygiene an integral part of our health, but our smiles can be a reflection of ourselves — which can reap so many benefits, like confidence or increased self-esteem.

To help get your new year dental resolutions started, we have listed a few suggestions for oral hygiene that seems to be the less than perfect for most of our patients. 1.Floss daily- I know flossing can seem to be a tedious task, but flossing only when you feel like it can be self-destructive. When we eat, food particles get lodged in between teeth and gums, and despite doing our best to dig pieces out with toothpicks, several particles still remain. 2.Cut down on Sugar- Not only will your general health get better—with your blood sugar at normal levels, your smile can possibly improve too. Sugars are the main source of food for the bacteria in your mouth; the same bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque build up. Decreasing sugar intake will curb its activity, making your smile happier than ever. 3.Drink more water- Hydration is key in keeping the bacteria at bay. It is also great at relieving dry mouth. These are just a few examples of great ways to improve your smile for the new year. Even if resolutions aren’t for you, trying to improve your oral health has several life long benefits. Feel free to view our website or call for more tips and information. JR