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How Caffeine Can Effect Your Dental Health

Moderate amounts of caffeine are considered safe for you to consume, but large amounts of drinks and foods that contain caffeine can cause damage to your teeth. It is known that the amount of caffeine you consume can affect the health and appearance of your teeth. Knowing these effects can help you restrict how much caffeine you consume each day.

Drinks that contain caffeine can leave stains behind on your teeth. Consuming coffee, tea and soda in large quantities can cause your teeth to yellow or cause dark stains to occur between teeth as well as on the surface. Cutting down on the amount of caffeine you consume can help prevent further staining and damage to your teeth.

Enamel Damage
The enamel on your teeth is what helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. As you expose your mouth to acidic and sweet beverages, your teeth are vulnerable to damage and disease. Caffeinated beverages typically have high sugar and acid content. Certain drinks contribute to dental erosion because of their sugar content. As you drink these types, your teeth are bathed in sugar, which encourages erosion and dental cavities. Reducing how much caffeine you drink each day can help protect the enamel that remains on the surface of your teeth so you can help avoid cavities and dental disease.

So how much caffeine is too much?
There is no set number or guild to follow when answering this question. Remember to limit your intake when consuming sweet and acidic drinks, and drink water often. This will help prevent staining, and lower your risk of cavities.

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