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Hurricane Preparedness

lighthouse stormIf you live in the Wilmington, NC area, sooner or later you may experience hurricane conditions (or at least a severe tropical storm). If hurricanes are nothing new for you,read through this brief overview to refresh yourself on how to be prepared!  The last hurricane to hit NC was Arthur in July 2014; hurricane season is June 1st-November 30th.

1.If you have to evacuate, know the local hurricane evacuation route(s) and have a plan where to stay. Contact your local emergency management agency for more information. 2.Put together a disaster supply kit; flashlights/batteries, cash, first aid kit & copies of critical information(ex. insurance policies, birth certificate) in case you need to evacuate. 3.Plan for adequate supplies to meet household needs for children, parents, pets & individuals with disabilities or other access/functional needs in case you lose power/water for several days & are not able to leave due to blocked roads or flooding. 4. Make a family communication plan. 5.Find out what alerts are available in your area. Search the Internet with your city/county name & the word “alerts”.

Stay safe by getting prepared! Keep a bottle of water by your bathroom sink so you can still brush & floss if you lose power. See you at your next appointment!/klc

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