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Is there a reason to be worried about dental x-rays?

The measurement of radiation is called millisievert (mSv). Naturally our bodies absorb 3.7 mSv annually  from naturally occurring chemicals from the sun, earth, and our own bodies. It would take 25,000 airport scans to equal our annual natural radiation levels. Chest x-rays with two views, equal one year of naturally occurring radiation.  Dental x-rays are much less. Bite wing x-rays taken every 1-2 years equals half a day worth of radiation, while a panoramic x-rays taken every 3-5 years equal half to one day.  Digital x-rays expose almost 2/3rds less radiation than traditional film x-rays (our office takes digital x-rays). Radiation from CT scans is much higher 4-7 mSv. Risk increases with higher lifetime exposure to radiation over 100mSv. Only get a CT scan if absolutely necessary.  Dental x-rays show decay and bone levels not seen clinically. There is no need to worry about standard x-rays.
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