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We make Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

athletic guardWith sports in full swing, many of our patients are asking if we offer custom athletic guards.  The answer is YES!!! Mouth guards are usually required in most sports, however, we recommend athletes wear them while doing any sport including, swimming, horse back riding and even running. What’s the difference between a Custom-fit Athletic Guard vs. a store bought Mouth Formed Athletic Guard or Stock Guard?   A Custom Athletic mouth guard is made in a dental laboratory, specifically for the person who will wear it. This is the best type of mouth protector.  Mouth-formed appliances (including boil-and-bite products) are the most-used type of sports protector. As their name implies, the fit of this type of appliance is customized by the user (at-home). This feature helps them to provide a higher level of protection than a stock guard but not as good as a custom-made one.  A “stock mouth guard” refers to a preformed mouthpiece that’s sold ready-to-be-used without any additional customization by the wearer. While they are the cheapest type of guard, the level of protection they provide is the most minimal also. The process of making a custom-fit Athletic guard begins with taking dental impressions. The impressions are then sent to the lab for fabrication; you will return to the dentist in approx 2-3 weeks for try in where the dentist will make any required adjustments to ensure the best fit.


If you would like to learn more about having a Custom-Fit Athletic mouth guard made for you or your athlete, please contact our office or visit Burns Family Dentistry. /brd