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New Discovery of Paleolithic Dentistry

flinstonesEver wondered about how dentistry was done 100 years ago? How about 14,000 years ago?! New discoveries suggest that earliest signs of dentistry date back to the Mesolithic time period, also known as part of the “Stone Age!” The stone age is a defined time period from 15,000 to 11,500 years ago, during which primitive human beings emerged and the first stone tools were made. Most discoveries made of this time period have been isolated to Western Asia and southern Europe including northern Italy where earliest signs of dentistry have been discovered.

In 1988, a team of archaeologists from the University of Bologna discovered the well preserved, skeletal remains of a young male estimated to be 14,000 years old with teeth that while being examined under an electron microscope, reveal striations consistent with scratching and chipping with sharp stone tools or possibly wooden or bone picks. Tools of which have been found in paleolithic dig sites. Leading archaeologist, Stefano Benazzi believes that the use of the sharp stone tools were to remove tooth decay, without anesthetic!

What a great time period we are in where dental treatment can be easy, efficient and comfortable! For more information, please visit us at Dr. Eric and Casey Burns /rp