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Pregnacy and Your Dental Health – advice on timing of xrays and treatment

Congratulations you’re expecting! What’s on your list of things to check? How’s your dental health? This can be overlooked during a very important (and busy) time. Visiting your dentist during pregnancy is important too! Please don’t forget to tell your dental provider you’re expecting so they may note any changes in your current medical health. Good daily oral care is vital. Make sure to brush and floss daily and maintain a healhty balanced diet to prevent decay/the onset of caries (cavities). During your first trimester of pregnancy, your dentist will examine and note any treatment needed or changes in your oral health. The second trimester of pregnancy is the time to have treatment completed such as fillings, cleanings, etc. X-rays can be taken safely during this trimester by wearing a protective lead apron. If your oral health is up to date, this will makes things more comfortable for the third trimester of your pregnancy. If you have questions about x-rays or making dental appointments during pregnancy, please call our office at 910/799-9059. For more information regarding our staff and services, please visit our website at -of