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Seasonal allergies can affect my dental health?

tissuenecklaceSpring is right around the corner. Time when we can start enjoying warmer weather and more time in the sun. However, the spring time can be a headache for many as allergy season is also starting up. Some common symptoms of seasonal allergies include itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. There are also a few lesser known symptoms of seasonal allergies pertaining to your teeth and mouth.

The teeth & sinuses are neighbors, and what happens to one can very much impact the other. Bacteria, fungus, smoke, pollen and other environmental ‘ick’ can cause inflammation in your sinus cavities, thus causing infection. Over time, chronic sinusitis can aggravate facial nerves & tooth roots. Typically, the pain caused by the sinuses will be especially noticed on the upper teeth.

Another reminder of springtime allergies is the buildup of excess mucus. The body produces more mucus as a way to rid the body of allergens. However, this mucus production can cause postnasal drip as the congestion begins to travel down the back of your throat. Postnasal drip causes feelings of wanting to clear your throat and coughing that worsens during the nighttime. Sometimes, the excess mucus can cause throat pain and general throat irritation.

Lastly, allergys can cause dry mouth. Saliva plays a huge role in oral health; it washes away lingering food particles and even bacteria, as well as has antimicrobial properties. It also alkalizes the pH of the mouth, and aids in remineralizing damaged enamel to keep your teeth strong and well-protected against acid attacks from food or bacteria. Therefore, it is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently.  If you have any issues with dry mouth, contact us – we have suggestions that may help provide relief! Xylimelts or chewing sugarless  gum with xylitol can be very helpful.

Feel free to contact us at Burns Family Dentistry, if you have any thoughts or concerns; we will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today at 910-799-9059 to set up an appointment. DG