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Super Bowl Snacks and Your Teeth

footballWe have 1 more weekend of playoffs left before the super bowl, so we still have plenty of time to prepare a tooth healthy menu plan for the big game!

Foods to Avoid: 1) Soda-acidic beverages can do a lot of damage on your teeth(even diet), but if you must, use a straw to reduce contact to your teeth. 2) Beer- because of the amount of sugar present, the ADA states this behavior can contribute to tooth decay. 3) Chicken Wings- depends on the sauce used, Honey BBQ is the least tooth healthy sauce because it is sticky/ full of sugar & will create film on your teeth. 4) Desserts- Brownies, cookies, cake & ice cream are filled with sugar & the chewy consistency is guaranteed to get stuck in your teeth.

Tips:1) Fill up on the vegetable tray & go light on the dressing; whether its Blue Cheese or Ranch both have sugar. 2) Take sugarless gum with you, it boosts saliva production & will remove food bits (According to Mayo Clinic).

If you find yourself eating the “foods to avoid” at this years Super Bowl, don’t forget to floss & brush when you get home!

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