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The Freshman 15— Cavities!

College students are back in school and settling in to their routines. The inevitable changes in sleep, diet and stress levels can and do lead to negative effects on dental hygeine. All too often we see our patients that are in college exhibit an increase in gum disease and tooth decay. Pericornitis, an infection usually associated with impacted lower wisdom teeth, also appears to be more common in this group. In our office we believe in prevention through education. We want our patients to be armed with the information they need to understand their risk levels and how to mitigate those risks. The information gained from radiographs, dental cleanings and exams are used to guide a discussion tailored to each individual. While everyone is different we do see certain trends worth our attention. Unfortunately the risk of the “Freshman 15- Cavities” is all too real. For more information or to schedule an exam please visit our website. EB