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Water flosser substitute for regular flossing?

irrigador-dental-waterpik-ultra-water-flosser-wp-100In short, the answer is NO (even though the box says the “easier and more effective way to floss).   While we here at Dr. Burns dental practice are huge fans of the water flosser (oral irrigator), we recommend it in addition to standard flossing.  We currently have Waterpik’s in stock for a very affordable price.  Oral irrigators are great for cleaning under bridges, braces and in deeper periodontal pockets but regular floss is the most effective way to clean the tight contacts between the teeth as well as scraping the plaque from the sides of the teeth.  If plain floss gets stuck between your teeth, try a different type or brand.  If difficult access to the back teeth is the problem, try a floss holder.  There are also small brushes and picks that are designed to clean in between the teeth.  Ask your dental provider if you have any questions or concerns about cleaning in between your teeth.  kg