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What is Aesthetics in Dentistry?

Aesthetics can be defined as a branch of philosophy dealing in art, beauty, or taste. For many years, aesthetics in dentistry dealt solely with the shape and form (not shade) of filling materials and using these materials to recreate nature’s bluprint of the “natural” tooth. Going back to the 1970’s and before, the most common filling material used was the amalgam fill or “silver fillings”. In the early 1980’s dental aesthetics took a quantum leap with the development of light-cured, microfilled resins or “tooth colored fillings”. This allowed the dentist to recreate the natural shape AND SHADE of the tooth before the restoration was done. The evolution of porcelain was also very important as an indirect restoration for teeth. These porcelain restorations are carefully fabricated in a lab using the correct anatomy and shade chosen by the dentist to mimic the patient’s other natural teeth and then subsequently cemented or bonded to the tooth in need.  As you can see, dentistry has come a long way as far as aesthetics so be sure to ask your dentist about aesthetic options for you. For more information, please visit our website or feel free to call our office.  Have a great day and be sure to smile  -CB