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What toothpaste do I choose?

We often get the question “What toothpaste is best  for my teeth”?  All of us think this as we are standing in the mouth care aisle at the store. There are so many to choose from it’s hard to know. The key is to choose something with flouride and basic.  Do you have sensitive teeth or not? This also will determine what type of toothpaste you need. If you have sensitive teeth a sensitive toothpaste would work well. Stay away from whitening toothpastes in general. Although they claim to whiten teeth, they are abrasive. The way a whitening toothpaste works is by removing external stain on teeth, but cannot go internal as professional bleach does. Stick to a basic toothpaste with flouride. Colgate or Crest cavity protection are good options. And if your interested in whitening your teeth, it’s best to talk to a dental professional first. There are several options. And don’t forget to floss! Happy brushing and keep smiling 🙂