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Which Toothbrush is best for me?

There are so many kinds of toothbrushes to choose from in the store now! This usually makes it confusing in selecting the right toothbrush for you. Keep in mind that there are many factors about your teeth that make them special to you. For example, some of us have sensitive teeth, some of us have crooked teeth, some have braces and others have puffy gums. You need to pay attention to your teeth and what they are telling you! Everyone, regardless of preference, should be using soft bristle brush heads, anything harder is too abrasive long term. If you have braces or malpositioned teeth you may want to select an electric toothbrush designed for cleaning braces and hard to reach spots. The vibration accesses areas that a manual toothbrush may not be able to reach. Another concern is if you have a small mouth. There are many special “small head” toothbrushes that are available. These are also helpful when brushing third molars because the location is so far back. If you tend to be sensitive, have gingivitis, or recession, a sonic toothbrush would be recommended. This will eliminate the “heavy hand” most of us seem to have when using a manual toothrush thus preventing further symptoms. It also uses a sonic vibration which cleans below the gumline more efficiently. This will in turn increase the health of your gums and reduce the inflammation. So remember that finding the right toothbrush depends on you. What are your teeth telling you?
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