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Why are they checking my blood pressure at the dental office??

It is estimated that 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure, many of which are not aware of their condition.  The CDC has deemed the month of May as High Blood Pressure Education Month and is encouraging patients and health care providers to become more aware of this dangerous condition and how it increases the risks of heart attack and stroke. The CDC is asking everyone to help “make control the goal” by exercising, eating a proper diet, managing stress and increasing proper communication between health care providers and patients.  Checking blood pressure daily at home with an inexpensive blood pressure cuff that has been calibrated by a doctor is a way patients can monitor this condition.  

Recently the American Dental Association joined with the American Heart Association and the CDC in an initiative called “Million Hearts” to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes in five years.  More information about this initiative is available at millionhearts.hhs.gov.  We are doing our part at the dental office of Drs. Eric and Casey Burns by taking blood pressure at every visit to keep our patients educated.  For more information about our office, please visit our website.  kg