Removable Partial Dentures and Overdentures

Partial Denture and Overdenture Procedures

A partial denture is a good treatment plan when many teeth in an arch are missing. Partials are removable appliances that are held in place by clasps, that fit around some of the remaining teeth. Once the supporting teeth are shaped, we take impressions of your mouth to create an accurate model. We confirm with you to make sure this partial denture fits comfortably and securely. When the partial is ready, you’ll try it in and we make any necessary adjustments. Partial dentures prevent teeth from shifting, balance your bite and provide support for your lips and cheeks, which helps you speak clearly and look your best.

Another procedure that is an alternative to a full set of complete dentures is called an overdenture.  An overdenture uses strategically placed implants to hold the denture in place.  Anywhere between 4 to 6 implants are necessary for an upper denture and usually only 2 implants are needed for a lower denture.  Once the implants are placed and healing complete, the final impressions can be taken and we will order the abutments that screw into your implants.  These abutments will extend above the gum tissue just slightly for the denture to attach to them.  The denture will then “snap” in and out with ease but has enough retention that normal chewing will not dislodge the denture.  This is a great restorative option because it maintains bone health and increases your joy and confidence while eating.